Spreading the Garlic

I am a garlic-a-holic.  I love it.  I put it in nearly every dish I prepare and never just a lone clove, always at least a couple.  So, when I spotted an abundance at the discount grocery a while ago I didn't really think or hesitate. 
Some of our homegrown garlic from this year that is long gone (into my belly) by now.
Matt roasted up all the heads and we went a little wild.  Roasted garlic everything!  Hummus, soup, pasta sauce, stir-fry, bread, and heck, let's just cut right to it and spread roasted garlic right on crackers.  If you haven't done this, and enjoy garlic, I can't recommend it enough. 
To roast garlic we drizzle olive oil liberally over the head and then wrap the whole thing in a piece of aluminum foil and pop in the oven.  Time and temperature can vary, but we typically roast our garlic at about 400 degrees F. for 30-40 minutes.  You'll know it is done if you can poke through a clove easily with the point of a knife. 

That is the sign that the garlic is soft and delicious and just begging to be spread on crackers!


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