Spicy Orange Sauce

Organic oranges were a quarter each at the discount grocery store so Matt stocked up.  That means we get to drink fresh-squeezed orange juice and eat Spicy Orange Sauce. 

Perhaps I should take a moment to explain my love for making sauces.  Sauces were my first foray into the world of cooking.  They are fairly simple.  They are diverse and easily open to adaptation.  They make everything tasty.   Back then, Matt would do everything else (cut veggies, cook grain, set the table, etc.) while I made "the sauce."  Now of course, I can manage the whole thing by myself, but sauces were a great place to start.

Spicy Orange Sauce
1/4 cup honey (or maple syrup if you happen to have it)
1/4 rice vinegar
3-6 Tablespoons orange juice
2 Tablespoons ginger, peeled and grated
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
2 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 Tablespoon orange zest

Whisk all ingredients together in a small sauce pan over medium heat.  Cook until heated through.

We took the sauce and marinated tofu in it for a couple days.  We then baked the tofu, sauce and all, with a mix of veggies--potatoes, onion, yams, peppers.  Yum.  It makes an excellent stir-fry sauce as well.


  1. That sounds like a yummy sauce! Sadly I have used up all of the maple syrup my Canadian friend gave me and it is very expensive to buy here in NZ. Honey on the other hand is inexpensive and plentiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I actually whipped up another batch last night for stir-fry as there was still juice leftover. Yum. The citrus is such a bright, lovely flavor.

    We've stopped buying maple syrup because it is so much more expensive than honey. And honey is local besides. Still, when we do end up with some on either a splurge or like when Matt's aunt gave us a pint from her own trees in Minnesota, oh is it just an incredible treat. When that happens though I still cannot really bring myself to use it a recipe like this, but must savor it, doling it out slowly over pancakes.


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