Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A table ready for friends and food.
Flowers from the garden.
Plates, tableware, and napkins at the ready.
Cauliflower peeking out during a garden tour.
Garlic starting to form scapes.
Carrots filling out their green tops.
The last blooms on the pea vines.
Peas swelling inside their pods.
Raspberries forming fruits.
Greens growing wildly.  Matt picked and processed 10 1/2 pounds of spinach yesterday.
Freaky strawberries.
With numerous bottom points.
Grilling a pile of pepper, summer squash, mushroom, and tofu kebabs.
Josh with his long red dreadlocks that make me wistful for my own long red dreadlocks of yore.
...and more friends.
And silly friends.
And a very happy Beth.  Happy Solstice.   I hope you all are enjoying the shifting seasons.


  1. Garlic. Scape. Pesto.

    1. That is the plan for dinner tonight! :) Yum.

  2. Okay. What is a scape? I have garlic that is turning yellow and starting to form bulbs. This is only my second crop.

    I adore your garden! I wish I had so much room!! And a Matt. :)

    1. Scapes are the garlic plant's attempts to flower. A green stem comes up from the center of the plant and curls around and around on itself as it forms a flower at the tip. If the scapes are cut off then the head of garlic is generally larger because the plant it putting energy into the bulb rather than the flower. The scapes can be turned into a variety of things. They have a taste that is slightly garlicy, but more like leafy greens, too. Pesto, stir-fry, and soup are popular uses for scapes.

      Thanks for the compliments on the garden. It is Matt's baby. And they are both blessing to me.

      I hope your garlic is growing well. Fresh garlic is so darn good. More flavorful and zippy, I've found.

  3. Thanks! I cut off the "flowers", but not all of mine had them. I guess I'll get serious about garlic and actually plant some that doesn't come off the organic shelf at the co op.

    1. We've planted fancy stuff from the garlic man at the farmer's market, some from a local organic farm, and some from the organic shelf at the co-op. We're not yet expert enough that I've noticed any difference really, but I probably am just not experience enough to tell. Maybe someday.

  4. We love chopped scapes in scrambled eggs. We've harvested all our garlic and it's drying in our kitchen.

    1. Your garlic is still probably the best I've ever had. Wonderful flavor and spice. I bet its good in eggs and I will have to try that someday.


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