Feed Upon Strawberries, Sugar, and Cream!

"Curly Locks, Curly Locks wilt thou be mine?
Thou shalt not wash the dishes nor yet feed the swine.
But sit on a cushon and sew a fine seam,
And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and cream."
Matt didn't remember ever hearing that nursery rhyme.  Nor did he ever recall eating strawberries with sugar and cream.  I learned this when I suggest we have a bowl of strawberries with sugar and milk for dessert several nights ago.

What an absolutely scrumptious, yet still simple and wholesome dessert!!  Even with a little sprinkle of sugar I feel pretty darn good about eating just a big bowl of fruit to satisfy my sweet-tooth.  And it tastes so good, especially when the milk starts turning pink.  I told Matt is reminded me of strawberry Nesquik, but, you know, actually made with strawberries.
We've gotten quite the strawberry harvest over the last month.  Matt just picked what he thinks might be the last of them this morning.  We have both June-bearing and ever-bearing varieties though so we should get a second, smaller crop later on.   We ate what seemed like loads of them in all their vibrant, luscious red glory and still managed to freeze some for smoothies and the like later on, too.
Matt proclaimed this morning--over a quiche made with homegrown chard, spinach, and cauliflower--that he thinks we're officially in the season-of-eating-from-the-garden-every-single-day.  It sure tastes good.


  1. I took out our strawberry plants this year with a little sadness. They were past their best and I had intended to replace them, but even we have limited space and there were other things I wanted to grow more and we have ample alpine straweberries growing in the secret garden so we have opted for nibbling the alpines as we work in the garden over harvesting for supper. On the other hand the raspberries are looking good!

    1. I think if you can find it wild that would certainly be a motivator to grow something new and interesting in that space. We've talked about putting in apple or cherry trees, but have not for the same reasons.

  2. I never heard that strawberry rhyme, either! But I like it and I'm bummed that strawberries are over here, because I bet that was delicious.

    1. We'll just have to go with the eternally hopeful gardening mentality: "That's something new to try next year!"

      Now I am curious just how common of a nursery rhyme Curly Locks is....


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