Sunset Splendor Sunday

I had my first cream soda float (you know, as opposed to a root beer float) on Sunday.  It was great.  Super creamy and rich--unsurprisingly, really, since it is called cream soda after all.  We were enjoying a nice evening treat on the patio at Matt folk's house.  A wonderful little ending to a busy weekend of selling tie-dye and gardening.

We were finishing up and fixing to head home as the sun was setting.  And oh, was it a sunset that was a total feast for the eyes.
 We enjoyed it most of our cycle ride home.
When it was over--just as we were approaching the house-- and the sky was transformed to grey-purple twilight I was amazed.  The vivid hues flood the sky with such brilliance and then fade into night.  It all happens so fast.  Its so remarkable, magical, glorious!  What a gift that each day has the possibility of ending with such magnificence.


  1. I guess that's why it's called Big Sky Country. Beautiful pictures.

  2. I'm so amazed! I know you're not a professional photographer but these photos are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Margo. I must say though that its much easier to to take great photos when given such beauty as this to try and capture!


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