Months of Growing

Peas on hemp twine.  5/19/2013
The bed of greens:  spinach, chard, beets, and kale.  5/30/2013
Matt looking over the broccoli and cauliflower with the bed of greens behind him and the potato patch at the very rear.  6/6/2013
The first broccoli of the year.  6/6/2013
Row of carrots and a few strands of persistent grass.  This is in one of the beds we Matt just dug this year and had previously been lawn.  6/6/2013
Peas are filling out in their pods and will expect to start eating them on the weekend.  6/9/2013
Broccoli plants are huge and in the center is the start of a head of broccoli which we ate with dinner this week.   6/9/2013
Spinach, a little haggard from the hail storm.   6/9/2013
Swiss chard in a bed of freshly sifted compost.  6/9/2013
Matt between the cauliflower and broccoli bed and the bed of greens shortly after covering the bed of greens with compost.  6/9/2013
Checking for leaf-miners in the bed of greens.  6/9/2013
Standing in the sunshine in the midst of the potato patch.  6/9/2013
Pinching off the bolting flower heads in the bed of greens.  6/11/2013
The bed of greens, many of the spinach bolting due to the heat.  6/17/2013
A garden overview.  6/17/2013


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