The Places You'll Go - Inspiration Thursday

Anytime I see or hear anything from Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss it always makes me think of one of my most treasured former student employees, Gretchen.  I'd never read that particular Seuss book before I met her.  When she decorated her mortar board at graduation in the theme of the book I was motivated to hit up our juvenile collection and give the book a read.

Green Eggs and Ham makes me think of my sisters.  I think Lisa had that book memorized--literally.

I've always loved Dr. Seuss.  It is so often tremendous wisdom wrapped in rhymes and silly words.   I still read his books as an adult and enjoy them as much as I did as a child.  There are many I'd never heard of in my youth, such as The Butter Battle Book, The Lorax, and I Can Read With My Eyes Shut.

"The more you READ,
The more things you will KNOW.
The more that you LEARN,

The more PLACES you'll GO."

I can't seem to get enough reading and that is a gift that has blessed my life so very much.  I've got multiple books going at any one time because there is so many interesting things to learn about in this great big world.   I want to learn more and more and more!  The more I learn the more I discover yet still to be learned.  Cookbooks, novels, prayer books, field guides, poetry, fiction, non-fiction...I am insatiable.  I want it all.

And oh, the places it has taken me--into the forest and then back in time, into the kitchen and to the far reaches of outer-space, and on and on.

So, have you been reading anything good lately?


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