Cider Pressin' 2013

The apples have been pressed.  The bulk of the cider canned (24 quarts).  The rest fermenting into hard cider in my craft room as we speak (5 gallons).  All told we pressed about 12 gallons or so.  We gave Josh a gallon since the press belongs to his folks and he is instrumental in our now annual cider pressing endeavors.  His parents decline any juice this year, but still let us come out and use their press since they are so darn awesome.  We drank a good jug's worth fresh.  We'll be making apple jelly and syrup this winter, not to mention enjoying that fresh autumn taste so perfectly captured in juice all year long.  We got a bit of a late start this year and so did the last batch and all the clean up in the dusk and dark.  But, the apples are pressed for the year and that is the bottom line.
Fine-tuning the motor and hopper.
A toast with the first pressing.
                                            Matt adding apples to the hopper while Josh cranks the press.
Matt and Josh juggling apples, including Matt's bite-the-apple trick.


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