Sewing Retreat 2013

The aunts doing handwork.
I was once again able to join my mother for her annual sewing retreat.  Oh, was it fun!  And SO educational!   And, did I mention fun?!?
For me, a novice seamstress, it is like going to sewing school.  Along with so many other things I learned how to make darts, gathers, cuffs, and how to insert sleeves.  I also learned about a pen that erases like magic with an iron which makes marking a pattern as I cut it a breeze.  I made a huge farmer's market bag (which I started at the retreat last year), an apron, a bonnet (I am going to be a Laura Ingalls Wilder type for Halloween), and nearly completed the most complicated garment I've yet to attempt--a full skirted, long-sleeved dress.  It still needs buttons added to it and the bottom hemmed up.  I was so close to getting it done.  I also did a couple little mending projects and started in on the alterations to my wedding dress (have I mentioned Matt and I are getting married?), which is coming along quite well.   Its the dress my grandmother made for my mom 37 years ago for her wedding to my dad.  It had a big, 70's collar that just had to go though and the sleeves were a few inches too short so we're making them 3/4 length sleeves instead.
My mom given little Keleigh a hand with a button hole.
My sister came out (she doesn't live far from where the retreat was held) with her new boyfriend, whom I'd not yet met, and my niece, Keleigh, and we had a lovely visit.  We took a stroll and played in the falling autumn leaves.  Keleigh even sewed a bit with us--making everyone in the room cloth necklaces and attaching buttons to random scraps of fabric.
A bow Keleigh made for my hair.
A couple of my aunts as well as my grandmother were among the 13 ladies who came to sew and its always a great pleasure to me to gather with my family like that.  It was a total blast to sew with every single one of those women.  And they were all so patient and helpful with my questions.   My aunties and I also took a little sewing break for a few games of Bananagrams.  And of course, we all took sewing breaks to eat like queens as well.  It was just amazing to see everything that was made by all those talent hands over the course of four days of sewing from sun-up to well past sundown.
12 quilters and 1 clothing maker = A Seriously Fun Sewing Group
I'm already thinking of what I will bring to make next year....all these quilters almost have my convinced I should try to make myself a quilt!  They tell me its easier than dresses on account of the straight lines and right angles.  Something to mull over before next October, I suppose!


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