A Year's Worth of Pesto

Basil and nuts all ready to get transformed!
We picked and processed all of our basil for the year.  Matt now tells me that between basil pesto and garlic scape pesto we have enough pesto to last for a whole year, if we eat it twice a week.  Sounds good to me.

For the record, we don't, generally, eat pesto twice a week, but its nice to know I've got the option.  Oh, how I enjoy me some pesto (which is funny because I used to hate it)!  Last year we ran out of pesto far too early.  Thankfully the season of garlic scape pesto comes on earlier than the basil pesto is ready so it all worked out.  We planted our garlic over the weekend so we have garlic scape pesto to look forward to again next spring.

We've found through experimentation that pesto is surprisingly good on a variety of things, too:  French/garlic bread, roasted veg, corn on or off of the cob, added to marinades, soups, etc.   I used to think it was just for pasta!  Ha!
That would be about seven cups of freshly made pesto right there.  We again used our silicone cupcake pan to make individual meal sized pucks of frozen pesto.  It makes it very easy to store and serve.


  1. I am trying to put the little green monster back in his box because we had a rubbish basil harvest this year. However, I am planning on planting more this winter in the greenhouse, I refuse to be defeated!

    1. If at first you don't succeed--try, try again!

      Sorry to hear the first crop went to poorly, but here is hoping the wee basils are happier in the greenhouse.


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