Beth Handy - The Power Drill

I don't like loud things, concerts being the only real exception.  It took me years to work up to using the food processor.  Like Ginger, I avoid being around the vacuum if I can.  Motorcycles and throaty muscle cars do not impress me.  Fireworks are pretty and fun.  Firecrackers are pointless.  But, I wanted to learn how to use the power drill.  It didn't seem that loud or intimidating, for a power tool.

See, Matt had mounted some hooks in the bedroom closet, one of which eventually came down as he'd used a pre-existing hole instead of drilling a new one.  It had been laying around the house for months since it came off the wall.  This is the sort of cluttery household detail that I can't help notice but which Matt is fairly oblivious to.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to mount it myself using a screwdriver before realizing I was going to have to step it up.
So I got a little tutorial from Matt--marking the location for the holes with a pencil, choosing and inserting the appropriate sized bit, and how to hold the drill steady and do the actual drilling.
The hook is back on the wall.  It was easy and not loud at all.  I suppose I could have just asked Matt to do it, or put it on the to-do list, but now I know how, too.  And I think that's better.  Who knows when a power drill might come in handy?!


  1. Oh, I agree! Good for you, learning a new skill.

    1. I'd like to increase my skill level when it comes to building things. I think this is an essential tool to master toward that end.


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