HMV Day 5 Val's Wedding Day

The natural progression from the bachelorette party on day four was the wedding on day five.  But, first....

Matt and I rented a convertible.  A Ford Mustang convertible, to be specific.  We were going to have to rent a car to take in the Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon loop and it was our honeymoon and all so...convertible!  We picked it up at the airport and drove back to Val's via The Strip admiring the sights with the top down.  Immediately we could tell it was going to be fun.  (Except the traffic, which was terrible.)
Back at the house there was lots of wedding prep going on and some football watching, it being a Sunday and all.  I was one of Val's bridesmaids along with Shay and Alli, the Maid of Honor.  I absolutely adore the dresses she picked out for us.  For the flower girls, too, for that matter.  The polka dots were very classic and the dress was absolutely something I would pick out for myself.  Wide strapped sleeveless with a fitted waist and a full skirt.  I wear it all the time as an everyday dress now.  Someone actually asked me if I made it the other day--that's how much it looks like a dress I would wear.  I don't know if the other bridesmaids loved it as much as I did, but boy, I thought Val did good.  The orange and brown looked good together, too.  The groomsmen had fabulous brown suspenders.
The wedding was short and sweet.  It was touching and funny and unique.  When the officiant was saying the "Now with the power invested in me by the State of Nevada..." part Val was bouncing up and down for joy.  It was perfect.  The sand ceremony with their daughters was really sweet.  Val look beautiful.  Her Matt looked handsome (I mean, my Matt did, too, but we're talking wedding here).  Their daughters were adorable.    The veranda at the rented house served as a splendid chapel.

And then we had a dance party and ate and drank and made merry!
Hannah and I will dance anywhere, even if we're the only ones.
The first dance.
And it was a wonderful day full of love and friendship with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.


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    1. I did, too! It was very low-key and lovely. She did well.

  2. Many blessings to them! I agree about the dresses - an ideal choice; I like the polka dots and the style.

    1. I second those blessings. They are a great couple and I am glad they are making it "official."


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