Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Matt's Compost Presentation

Matt was asked to give a presentation on home composting for our community garden a couple years ago.  He presented it a second time for Earth Day last year. While I have mentioned our composting operations regularly on the blog--the compost sifter, the compost bucket liner, and random photos of the set up in the garden, for example, I haven't ever gone into the nuts and bolts of it, as it were.  The "hows" and the "whys."  I think Matt's presentation is good one, though without his real-life examples and commentary it may lose a little ooomph.  So, rather than writing up my own post on the topic I've just decided to share Matt's slideshow.

Composting is a really simple and amazing process.  Composting reduces methane emissions and saves space in landfills.  It turns waste materials into nourishing fertilizer.  Its pretty much a miracle, if you ask me.


  1. Excellent! I have a tumbler bin, which I haven't gotten quite right yet. It's too wet mostly. I add straw, or whatever. Then it's too dry for a while, so I put in water, and it seems to go back and forth. I didn't realize when I bought it that it's intended for batch composting, but they said I could use it for regular. I'll keep trying.

    1. We have a tumbler that we use mostly in the winter. We can wheel it right up to the backdoor that way and not have to trek out in the snow to the compost pile. It doesn't do much in the winter but freeze, but its still there and gets cooking as soon and spring thaw comes along. Practice, practice, practice is all I can say. And that its really dependent on where you live (my sister lives in moist WA and we live in arid MT) because moisture is so important for optimal composting action. I hope that you continue to improve your system!

  2. We used to do a lot of composting when we lived in Glasgow, since moving to Wales we have been out of the habit, partly because we haven;t been growing, but I am hoping to get into it. So agree it is a bit of a miracle to see transformation from waste to good soil, with wriggly worms.

  3. PS I want to say the PPt presentation is fantastic too, excellent for beginners and people like me who are out of practice too. Thank you for sharing. I would so love a tumbler bin, but its the old fashioned ones we have int he garden.


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