Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Story of Our Easter: In Photos!

Journey dog.
Fancy Peeps.  Sharon is a regular homemaking wizard.
Fancy peeps on a fancy tray.  The dish is a family heirloom that once belonged to Matt's great grandmother. 

Sands-Alive!  Because Sharon had to have something to keep us "kids" entertained!
Matt modeling the "bread basket" I made.  The handle broke off and the basket was a pretty loose weave, but it didn't stop anyone from ripping off chuck to nibble on.
Playing, making music, and reading...and waiting patiently for dinner.
Adam is cutting a rug, which makes me laugh.  Matt looks mad at his uke!
I had to tell him to smile.  He always looks so serious when he plays.
A festive and lovely egg "chandelier."
Sharon finished the quilt she made for Ryan and Bek.  Its beautiful.  And huge! 
This would have been a great photo--Adam, Clare, Roger, and Matt and all beaming at the quilt.  So, naturally its blurry as all get out.  Also, I have a bit of something stuck to my lens!  Bah!  I don't care.  I still like it!
Ryan approves of the quilt for napping.
Huzzah for the holiday spread!
Easter was also a double birthday party.  Adam's had just passed and Ryan's was soon upon us.  So, since we were all together at once it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate both.  
Matt and I made a Wacky Cake.  We also got wacky candles with colored flames.  It was pretty cool, I thought.
Birthday boys!
Opening presents and cards.
Roger joked that he didn't get a gift--so Bek and I gave him these pretty ribbon "bracelets."  He just smiles and takes us in stride.
I adore the holidays with those I love.  So much food.  So much family.  So much love.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! The quilt is amazing, but I really like your bread basket. :)


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