Me-Made-May 2015

I, Beth, of BLD in MT, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15.  I endeavor to wear at least one me-made garment every day in the month of May 2015.
I will once again be participating in Me-Made-May, an online community event hosted over at So, Zo...What do you Know?  This year I am going to try to up the ante.  Last year's pledge require me to wear a homemade garment every day--even if I wasn't the one who made it.  I included homemade dresses I'd picked up at thrift shops and clothes swaps or things made by my mom.  This year I am really going ME-made for the challenge.  I accomplished my pledge last year with ease.  Seems like a challenge should be challenging and, frankly, I am not sure my homemade wardrobe is up to a full month.  We shall find out soon enough.  I look forward to it.
My outfit today consists of the second skirt I ever made--from fabric leftover from my dancing cloak--and a top and vest scored at a clothes swap.  Its the perfect skirt for a rainy spring morning.


  1. ooooh, fun! Are you planning to sew any new clothes for yourself this month?

    1. It IS fun! Or I sure think so! I have one dress half-finished which I hope to complete here in the next week or so. Its a knit number that I am certain will be as comfy as just wearing a big ol' t-shirt! I've also never sewn myself a top--only skirts and dresses--so I might give that a go if I can find time. I've got a few patterns and fabrics set aside.

  2. You are so beautiful!


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