Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ginger Kitty Tornado

We can hear her at night after we've gone to bed, tearing around the living room, ruffling papers, knocking toys around.  There is a great deal of rustling, tearing, and running, from what I can tell from the comfort of my bed.
In the morning her pile of tissue paper is spread from the kitchen to the bedroom door as if a miniature tornado has passed through.
She is in there.  The tail peeking out on the left is the giveaway.
I'd like set up a hidden camera and see just exactly what sort of kitty shenanigans causes this.  She acts all nonchalant.  "I don't know how this possibly happened.  It was like that when I got here.  I swear."
Matt and tidy up her paper into a pile again.  And the cycle starts a new.
Somehow this pile of shredded pattern paper has become a permanent fixture in our living room.  There is another behind the glide rocker in the basement.  This cat...


  1. I love it! Makes me very homesick for our beloved kitties. We still have boxes with our MIlly's chaw marks on them. <3

    1. Their love sticks with you, doesn't it? In all sorts of ways. Thanks, Scott.

  2. How cute is that!! Just today Dolly went on my brother's nightstand and knocked off the box of tissues. He said, "She always does this, then looks as if she's wondering how it happened!" They're precious.


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