My Spontaneous Easter Dress

The week leading up to Easter wasn't a great one for me.  My arthritis was all flared up and I was rather miserable.  I woke up from a pain-medication related nap on Good Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find my pain load had dropped significantly.  I actually felt a little like moving around again!  I quickly got it into my head that I wanted to try to make a new dress for Easter.
Five hours later it was done.  I didn't have to un-sew a single seam.  I've never done that before!  Almost all of my projects involve quite a bit of un-sewing (or seam ripping, if you prefer)!  This is the sixth time I've completed a dress from this pattern.  Maybe I am finally getting it down.
I really dig the pattern, too.  I am hard pressed to try another, actually, since it suits me so well.  The dress doesn't have darts, but has a pieced princess seam type bodice.  I can never get darts to work out for me.  This princess seam thing though...I am a big fan.  Its so easy and flattering.  This dress pattern--without modification--fits my body just so darn perfectly its amazing.  Its the Simplicity 2174 and it it just an ideal dress for me.
Match that perfect pattern with some splendid paisley floral fabric and bingo-bango!  Easter Dress.  My mom gave me the fabric at a sewing retreat in March.  She used in for a quilt she made my God-Sister years ago.  I was in love with it as soon as I saw it.  Apparently I don't remember what RaeLeigh's quilt looks like though as the fabric ran no bells with me.  I will have to remedy that.  I did have to shorten the dress about two inches in order to make it work with the amount of fabric my mom had given me, but you know, I can't really tell that when I am wearing it.
I'll be taking part in Me-Made-May again this year and am pleased to have one more smashing Me-Made dress in my wardrobe.


  1. Wow, beautiful!! I think the length is perfect, and the pockets are my favorite part :) So glad you felt well enough to make something special for yourself. Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Jamie! And me, too! I hope you had a happy Easter with all of your lovelies!

  3. Isn't it great when you find a style which suits your figure! Ginger also approves, I see. Good job!


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