My First Muffins

So, it came to my attention one lazy Saturday morning back in December that I had never made muffins from scratch.  I've made loads of cupcakes from scratch and I've made loads of muffins back when I used store-bought baking mixes, but I had never attempted muffins from scratch.  This occurred to me as Matt and I considered our options for breakfast that day.  He suggested I make muffins while he made a more substantial breakfast scramble—and I realized it was new baking territory.
I chose a sweet muffin recipe—Coffee Break Muffins from The Garden of Vegan—that were, as their name implies, just as much coffee cake as muffins.  They were delicious.  Just delicious.  And now I know I can make muffins.   Not that I really doubted myself.  I feel quite comfortable in the kitchen these days.

I didn’t use any sort of paper wrapper on them and they came out of the baking pan quite easily none the less.  It makes me wonder if I could skip the wrapper on cupcakes, too.  I’m always looking for ways of reducing my use of disposable products like that.  

And I intend to make more muffins…and cupcakes!

(As an amusing side note, every single time I've typed muffins in this post I've typed 'muffings' and had to go back and correct it.  Every time.  Apparently I've got strong muscle memory for the 'ing' suffix.)


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