Our Christmas In Photos

Christmas Eve morning in my traditional Christmas socks from my dad, in front of my Christmas Simpson's pillowcases Sharon made, squeezing my presents from Matt like a detective trying to solve a case and feeling downright maniacal in my Christmas cheer.
Fruity drinks Christmas Eve.
Mama and the boys.
Another happy Christmas together.
Awesome in-laws.
Christmas with my mama!
Happy ladies.
Learning to make awesome paper airplanes.
Trying to balance gyroscopes on each other without much success.
Enthralling spinning gyroscopes.
They even spin on the rim of a new water bottle!
A paper airplane set to be launched.
Modeling her gift from her mom (my grandma)--a fluffy hat she wore in 1973.
Christmas brunch and games.
The master chef of Christmas brunch and his silly pup who scoured the floor for dropped crumbs.
Singing in harmony.
It was a very, very Merry Christmas.


  1. I love how happy you look in that first photo!

    1. I did, too. So, SO happy in that one. I mean, I think I am overall a pretty happy person, but I like to have it captured so clearly.

  2. I had one of those fluffy hats when I was a little girl! Probably 73 and so I would have been six at the time! Funny how a memory can be stirred.

    San x

    1. From what I gathered that was quite the era for fluffy hats. My grandmother found a second one along with my mom's. It seems to have been my aunts. And now that I've worn it about I've gotten quite a few stories about fluffy hats of decades past. It makes me happy to wear it. A little bit of time traveling.

  3. Looks as though you all had a mighty merry time there!
    Good one :-)

    1. Oh, yes....mighty, mighty merry! It was just superb.

  4. Another great Christmas with an awesome family. So glad you are a part of it, and I'm glad your mom got to join us also! Thanks for the pictures.

    1. I am glad to be a part of it, too. And SO glad for every chance to spend a little time with you--which reminds me--we need to chat about a trip Matt and I are making to Vegas this year (for Val's wedding). We're thinking of extending it so we can see the Grand Canyon and Bryce and You! Its not set in stone yet, but we should talk and make it happen.


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