Cherry Motherlode

I'm back!  (I am sure there was great concern and all...)   I was off traveling for ten days, the bulk of that time spent at family reunion in Washington.  More on that to come.  Vacation was absolutely wonderful, but boy was I glad to be home at last! 
 So, what would I do on my first day back home?  Why pick cherries, of course! 

We loaded our little hand-cart with baskets and crates to stand on and wheeled it down the street several blocks to what turned out to be a motherlode of cherries. 

Even after we were finished picking the trees still looked filled with fruit.  We managed somewhere around 20-25 pounds before the baskets got full.  Free.  That is the best part!  Pitting all those cherries was not the best part, but it is totally worth every sticky minute.  I like cherry syrup and cherry jelly as well as cherries in smoothies.  I even like the cherries fresh though Matt thinks they are too sour.  We also dug out the dehydrator and are going to give that a go.
I am walking down to the library to return a few things this evening....might have to bring a little basket along and snag a few more while the getting is good.


  1. Wow! Looking at all those cherries is making me dream of summer. Thinking of all the lovely things you could make with so many!

  2. Wow, no cherries like that here in the desert! But I have occasionally scored free fruit, like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and pomegranate. Lots of marmalade and jelly resulted. :)


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