Ojo De Dios

I have perhaps too many artsy-craftsy interests--sewing, tie-dye, collages, crochet, and most recently, knitting.  One of these hobby crafts which is less common is the making of ojo de dios, or Eye of God.  I first made them as a child, probably at Sunday School.  These are a sort of upgraded adult version.  The pattern and color combinations are endless as far as I can tell.  All the yarn used is second-hand or gifted and the wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified making them a rather eco-friendly craft as well. 

An itty-bitty, baby ojo made from embroidery thread and toothpicks.

Another toothpick ojo.

This is my largest ojo yet.  Matt sort of casually asked if I could do a three foot one and I thought, "Sure, why not?!?!"  It was quite a pain I must say, but in the end was quite stunning just because of the size.  Still, I am not racing out to do another one.  It did make the 12 inchers seem like a piece of cake!
I put it in the doorway for some scale.  It was big.

This batch of ojos was made to decorate our camp at the Love Your Mother Earth Festival.  They sure looked good dangling along the edge of the gazebo.  However, I mostly like to make them to give as gifts.  I wrote up the passage below to accompany my ojo gifts.  I thought I'd include it as many people are not familiar with the history and meaning behind the form.

Ojo de Dios = God's Eye
This ojo was made just for you!
Ojos originate from the Huichol people of Mexico.
They are used as a talisman and are believed to bestow good fortune and protection upon the owner. 
May this ojo help fill your home with many blessings and every happiness possible.


  1. I love them! Thanks for posting the pictures. Growing up in northern New Mexico, I can remember making them from toothpicks and embroidery floss and using them as Christmas tree ornaments.
    Thanks for bringing up a great memory......Denise

  2. I have the blue and white one looking out over our deck. One of my favorite house warming gifts


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