Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pickin' Peas

We started eating peas out of the garden every night with dinner last week.  Oh, am I so very pleased to have turned that corner into the season of daily (or near daily) harvests. 
As I kid I never liked peas.  That just goes to show what kids know!  No, no, no....it actually goes to show how much a person can change.  I eat all sort of things I'd have never touched a decade ago.  Not only that, I now DESIRE these foods.   My McDonalds-eating-Mountain-Dew-swilling former self wouldn't even recognize me now at meal times.  Who IS this lady oooohing over the flavor of a marinated mushroom?!  Who IS this lady that is asking for MORE peas?!
And why wouldn't I ask for more?!  These peas are absolutely fantastic.  Thursday night we had them with just a little butter, salt, and pepper.  So simple, so easy, so flavorful.  Fresh garden peas have a magical flavor.  They hardly need any help.  Actually, they don't need help at all.  We were eating them raw as we picked and shelled.  Yum.
This face is the "Oh.  My.  Goodness!  Those are good peas!" face.
Shelling one meals worth on the front step.

I really like snow peas because you eat the whole pod.  It seems more efficient and less wasteful than peas you have to shell.  Still, standard "eatin' peas" are super yummy and satisfying to grow and the pods will add to our compost so it is not really wasting at all. 
This meal was a milestone for me:  I ate all the green parts and left behind couscous.  Having always been a grain-carb junkie I was like "Whoa....that is weird."
Snow peas and garlic scapes.
Also, no matter what if it coming from the garden right out the front door it is more efficient and less wasteful than any supermarket pea of any variety.

Falafel, peas, garlic scapes, and rice.


  1. WOO fresh peas from the garden in a pasta salad are SO DELICIOUS! We have to grow peas starting in January here as it gets way too hot too fast here. My beans are acting like they are going to curl up and die. I so wish it would rain... really rain not just get overcast and exciting and then NOTHING!... like it is right now. I'd love a steady rain for a day and a half. Enjoy your peas!

  2. When you get hens, they will love the green pods.

  3. Thanks for joining my site.
    I'm with you, when hungry, go outside and browse in the veggie patch. peas, broad beans, a radish or two, sun-warm tomatoes or fruit and berries. Nothing, even from the farmers' market, tastes like home grown food. The simple life is so much more satisfying than any rat race anywhere.

  4. What a delicious harvest. Sounds like you are making the most of your garden.

  5. Nice! I love peas too. I had a bumper crop last year and made some pea pod wine that was really quite good. Earthy.

  6. Becky - The idea of peas growing in January is boggling to me. Also we've had the rainiest year in decades. What a huge country we live in....so varied. I hope you get a good rain.

    Parsimony - I will certainly remember that when I get to a house where I can keep chickens...hopefully sooner rather than later!

    Arija- Boy, you said it!

    Homemaker - We sure try. Our space is limited, but we manage to eeek quite a bit of goodness out of it. Picked a couple pounds of peas so far!

    Mary- Pea pod wine?!? I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years. How resourceful.

    Thanks all for stopping by. I hope you have a beautiful day.


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