Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Community Garden Update

A sunny afternoon to check on the progress over at the community garden. 
You can just barely see the onions growing around the perimeter of the plot.  We planted onions on the edges as they seemed least likely to get bush any grow into our neighbor's plot.

The potatoes are looking quite good despite the fact that Matt has been plucking potato beetles off the leaves for several weeks.  They don't seem to be doing much damage though so he must be getting them in a timely fashion.  He squishes them,  but I can't.  I can catch them in a bag and throw them away though....  The potato plants are nice and bushy and I hope there are lots of little spuds forming down there.  We planted several varieties this year.

For a point of reference on the potato explosion check out these two photos from June 26th.
It is amazing to watch what the other gardeners are doing with their plots.  Some are obviously not first-timers at the garden and have the space used to the max.  Others don't even come back to harvest their produce!  (We've been watching these neighboring peas get overripe and wishing we could pick them, but it is not our plot to pick so we've been watching them go to waste instead.  Sad.)  I feel I've learned a whole lot from the community garden experience just from walking around seeing what the others are up to.

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