Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunrise Festival of the Arts

For the second year I hauled my tie-dye back to my hometown of Sidney to vend at the Sunrise Festival of the Arts.  It is a sweet little fair, held in the park under the trees, and both years I have exceeded my expectations as far as selling goes.  That said, I wouldn't travel that far to sell tie-dye save for the fact that I also get to visit my dad and friends by doing so.  I don't get home as often as I would like, but at least I have started this annual tradition.

It's hard to tell, but this man is holding a rock he just broke in half.  They also broke boards.  I was very impressed.
This young lady told me that she bought the shirt she was wearing from me at last year's festival.  Her bother's had outgrown their's, but her's still fit just right.  I like to hear from happy customers.
My dear friends Meagan and Glenn's son and his fabulous new tie-dye.
Possibly the silliest pet accessory I have seen with my own two eyes.  They had a little harness that fit all around the wee dog's head to keep them on.  Strange.....very strange....
Meagan (far right) and some ladies from her church performed a dance.
I think she called it a Temple Dance, but I could be mistaken. 
I really enjoyed all the twirling and the streamers and the rather triumphant look on the faces of the women.
Another of my dearest friends, Val, and her boyfriend Matt were also in town from Arkansas so that made the visit an extra special treat.    She makes me laugh so hard.

My dad and Dana's cats are hilarious.  When they hear the laser pointer clicked on they literally come running.  This one jumps sever feet in the air trying to catch it.  Seriously hilarious. 
I do not sing karaoke....but my friends and family all do!
Oh, what hilarious and awesome girlfriends I have!  They had me laughing until I was doubled over and crying.  I feel so blessed that we can still all get together from time to time. 

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