Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I scored a bunch of sewing supplies and organizing tray at a garage sale for a mere $1.  I figured it was worth $1 just for the elastic. 
All in all it included a bag of buttons, a bag of elastic of various widths, a length of rainbow ribbon, one package of rick-rack, three packages of lace (two of which were unopened with original price tags of 39 cents!), two sets of orange and red shoe laces, and eight packages of seam binding. 

Naturally there were also a few odds and ends that I don't really need, like a tiny elastic crayola belt, but still it was a pretty good find all around. 
Now, I just need to stay home long enough to find time for sewing! 


  1. What a great find - can't wait to see what projects you put them to work on.


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