Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family BBQ # 1

As I downloaded photos from the 4th of July BBQ at Ryan's house on to my computer I came across these photos of a different family BBQ.  It made me sigh with a brief tinge of melancholy.  (But, I shook it off)  Then I smiled as I flipped through them thinking about what a keen family I have hitched myself too.  I like every single one of them. They destroy the myth of the horrible in-laws.
The last weekend of June my swell brother in law, Adam, took off for a new start in California.  There was a family get together at the parent's house the weekend before as a celebration before the clan got spread further apart.  It was a great chance to spend some time together, though it was naturally a bittersweet celebration.  I (and I think we, but I can't speak for anyone but me) want him to do what his heart calls him to, but I wish it hadn't called him so very far away from home. 

To see my mother-in-law cry was just heartbreaking, but family moving away can be pretty heartbreaking.   I certainly appreciate that.  Sometimes my sister living in Washington makes me cry, too.  It is painful to be physically separate from those you love.  Emails and facebook don't cut it.  Phones can only do so much, but at least the voice is there.  (Woohooo family reunion in WA in 6 days!)

Still, we did our best to be celebratory even though there was certainly some regret at the prospect of Adam being a 20-some hour drive away from us.  I am not sad for Adam really.  I am sad for myself.  I will miss him.  Adam was the first member of Matt's family that I got close to which is why I think I find his leaving so especially sad.  But, most importantly it is his life.  I just want him to be happy--no matter where on this globe that might be.  

But, when someone you care so much about is moving away it seems a celebration is mandatory!

There was grilling and eating.  Badminton and beer drinking. 

Love and laughter shared.  Some tears.
Family photos taken. Memories shared.

  I hope Adam and Jen are finding success and happiness way down there.  We'll be missing them up north. 

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