A Chocolate Cone

In St. Regis, MT there is a little hamburger stand called Frosty's.  My mom and I popped in there on our way back from a family wedding in Idaho last month.  It was really small and quaint.  It reminded me of a 50's diner.  On the menu board my eye was caught be a little note in parentheses after the listing for ice cream cones.  It said "(non-dairy)."  So, I inquired about it.  Turns out they have a non-dairy chocolate ice cream.  So I ordered a small cone with great excitement.  I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time I had an ice cream cone!!  Many a bowl of ice cream for sure, but its been years since I've had a cone.  What a fun little treat!
And I am sure glad I ordered a small one...when she handed it to me with six beautiful swirls I had to wonder just how big a large would have been!

At one point in my life, back when I worked at McDonald's, I would eat an ice cream cone several times a week.  Now they are a treat, and a darn tasty one at that.  I ate it with mindful enjoyment of every lick, experiencing the novelty of it with my whole self.  And it was good.


  1. Reading your blog makes me miss my own blogging *sigh* Unfortunately, my ex husband has access to it (and I don't want him knowing anything about my life now). May need to consider setting up a whole new blog dedicated to the new me!

    1. I had wondered what had become of you! I am hoping that life has been a nice adventure in the meantime. Let me know if you do pick it up again.


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