Faces in Yellowstone

This is totally random, but....

When we were in Yellowstone in May I was watching this little geothermal feature bubble with another park visitor, whom I didn't know.  This woman and I were talking about it and enjoying its boiling, bubbling action.  It was like the surface of the water was crackling with tiny moving diamonds.  It was pretty cool and made us both stop to wonder at it.  On the other side of the boardwalk there was this strange little feature:
She said, "Oh it looks like a face!"  I agreed, saying it looked sort of like the face in Munch's painting, The Scream to me.  Matt thought it looked like an alien.  And then we soon parted ways with the woman.

A few hours later Matt and I were traipsing the boardwalks in the Norris Geyser Basin when my eye was caught by another very similar face--this time in the wood under my boots.
We laughed.  There are thousands and thousands of planks on those boardwalks with thousands and thousands of knotholes on them.  But somehow, because of the power of suggestion earlier, I saw the arrangement of these three knots on a single board and my mind made a face of them immediately.

It seems to me that once I am aware of something I frequently find I notice it around more and more.  Its like knowing about it or thinking about it attracts more of the same.  When we bought our red Corolla we suddenly noticed lots of red Corollas on the roads.  When I started learning more about Plain Peoples I suddenly noticed how many live in our region.  When we started gathering fruit we suddenly noticed how many apples, plum, and cherry trees there are around town for the picking.  When I discovered how much I enjoy basswood trees and their intoxicating flowers suddenly I find them on every street.  When we started gardening we suddenly noticed all these raised bed and garden plots in yards we'd walked past a hundred times before.  When I read a sociological article about using blowfish toxin to "make" people in to "zombies" I then ran across it in a Christopher Moore book I was reading and spoiled an episode of the X-Files for Matt because I figured out the ending.  When I started birding I suddenly noticed that a shockingly wide diversity of birds are everywhere, even in my yard, even driving down the highway!

Its pretty interesting, I think.  Makes me curious what the next thing that I've been walking by or hearing obliviously for weeks or year that I will start to notice might be.  And it always makes me feel like I am on the right path when these things happen.  Like its synchronicity of sorts.  And it makes me happy.


  1. Love this part of life. I love that you're looking forward to the next a-ha.

    1. Its the simple things, right?!

      I wonder what it will be....


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