Exceedingly Awesome GNP

Ptarmigan Lake and a section of the trail to Ptarmigan Tunnel
Matt and I were away from home for a shade over a week on a vacation to Glacier National Park that exceeded our expectations in its awesomeness.  So much beauty and wonder and pleasure to be had in such a magical place.   I didn't have a whole lot of things that I specifically wanted to do or see while I was there.  In fact it ended up being only three things.  I managed to do/see all of them with ease (and with great joy).
A wildflower bonanza along the trail to Hidden Lake.
#1  I hiked to a glacier, twice actually--enjoying the sight from both below it at its melt lake and above it from the insanely steep mountaintop overlook.  I didn't really enjoy the latter.  It made my head swim...which is not what I want when I am on a mountain top.  We saw many other glaciers from a distance.  Since the glaciers are predicted to be gone in my lifetime this was my biggest goal for our trip.
Grinnell Glacier on the lower left.  Salamander Glacier on the top right.  With the stunningly opaque, jewel toned Grinnell Lake below them.
#2  I saw many mountain goats--from fairly up close as well as from a great distance as they so easily climbed the highest and rockiest of mountains.   It was pretty much mind-blowing the way they climb.  I was giddy.  Oh, so giddy.
A mountain goat grazing not far off the trail to Hidden Lake.  She was so close and it was so still you could hear her tearing up mouthfuls of vegetation and chewing.
#3  I picked wild huckleberries and ate them right off the the bush until my hands were stained with purple juice.  This was of course after eating a berry Matt thought was a huckleberry and which turned out to be decidedly NOT a huckleberry.  It tastes like poison.  I spit it out and rinsed that horrible taste out of my mouth immediately--and then re-checked the guidebooks at the park store to confirm what exactly we were looking for with greater certainty on the remaining hikes.
I am sure there will be many, many more accounts of our hikes and adventures with the accompanying photos to come...as soon as I sort through the 1,513 photos I took on vacation and have a moment to reflect and organize my thoughts on all the nearly indescribable delights.  Yup.  1,513.  That's right.  With so much astounding beauty in every direction I guess I got a little snap-happy with the ol' camera!
A gloriously pink sunset reflecting upon Lake MacDonald.
Boy, oh boy, did we have the best time ever.
Matt on the trail to Scenic Point on our first day in the park.


  1. I can't wait to see more pictures and read more of your account.


  2. Such a beautifully wondrous place!!!

  3. Glacier totally rocked my world. I MUST go back again. And Sharon, I can't wait to talk your ear off about it!


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