Five Days Growing

I was away from home for five days.   I can really tell, having been away from it, just how rapid growth and change is in the garden.  So many things happen every single day.

The zucchini are at a point where they seem to double in size every day.  I am so happy to have finally grown them successfully.  Up until this year we'd failed at it pretty miserably which is harder to take when most people get more fruits than they know what to do with.  The potatoes are dying back and Matt has harvested two varieties so far, both of which we are pleased with.  The pole and bush beans are blossoming as are tomatillos, peppers, and tomatoes.  Because of back luck with our seeds/seedlings our crop of these delicious hot-weather wonders will probably not be the best, but perhaps not as bad as I'd feared a month ago either.  Matt dug up several volunteer tomatoes and transplanted them into a bed which bumped up our numbers.  He also found a few seedlings still for sale.  Some of the carrots are of a harvestable size at last.

Growing, growing, growing...
Zucchini, corn, beans, chard, tomatoes.
Rattlesnake and Purple pole beans that have reached the top of their supports.
Peppers, tomatoes, and tomatillos.
Onions falling over, butternut squash, chard, kale, zucchini, corn, pole beans.
White onions.
Picking strawberries for breakfast.
Zucchini, corn, beans, potatoes, chard.
Pole bean vines and blossoms.


  1. Oh I love your garden! Isn't amazing how almost overnight it blooms and then...stuff grows at incredible rates!


    1. Margo at Thrift at Home used the phrase "The tyranny of the garden produce" which made me laugh and seemed fitting. It seems to go from nothing to everything overnight. And thanks! We love it an awful lot.

  2. Your garden is just stunning this year! Matt must be so proud, too, of seeing his hard work come to fruition. Well done, you two!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. The garden is totally Matt's baby. And he is indeed, so proud. He love to share his bounty and talk about it to anyone who is willing to listen. Passion right there.

  3. That looks sumptuous. We are back from 2 weeks away and I was dreading the garden but our cat and chicken feeder was brilliant at keeping up the watering and I'm hoping we can have fresh corn someday soon. It's always been a bit touch and go but the splendid summer has been a great boost to the harvest.

  4. My goodness, what a beautiful garden. Ours has done well this year. I've canned beets and green beans. My newest "trick" has been to dehydrate collard greens, kale and chard. I will use it for smoothies, soups and stews and anything else I can think of. It was always so frustrating to grow beautiful greens and not be able to use them all.

    1. Denise! I had been thinking about you and hoping you were well! I tried to go read your blog and struck out! I sure hope summer has been good for you and the family.

      I might have to try drying some green next year (or maybe later this year if Matt really gets a fall crop in as he says he plans to). We, at points, have been trying to put them in EVERYTHING because we have to many. Good idea!

      And thanks! We're pleased with how its going and glad to hear its the same for you!


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