Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spice Prices

We were out of pretty much all the dried herbs and spices which we use.  So, we packed up our jars and headed to the Co-op to refill them where I was once again reminded of just how much buying herbs and spices in bulk is awesome.  Thankfully there are at least two shops in town which offer this amazing option.

Herbs are light.  Even if the price tag sounds scary per pound you end up actually purchasing just a fraction of a pound.  For example, we bought .07 pounds of Italian seasoning.  Spices are a bit heavier and so cost a bit more than the herbs, but even still for certified organic and fair-trade spices it is a steal.  And no packaging waste, too.

Fennel Seed is $5.03/lb
To fill my jar cost $.35

Ground Turmeric  $11.39/lb  
To fill my jar cost $.80

Ground Mustard $8.07/lb 
To fill my jar cost $.89

Italian Seasoning is $13.29/lb 
To fill my jar cost $.93

Granulated Garlic  $15.67/lb  
To fill my jar cost $2.19

Black Pepper  $19.47/lb  
To fill my jar cost $2.53

Curry Powder  $14.24/lb 
To fill my jar cost $2.85

That averages out to be $1.62 a jar.  For organic, fair-trade, trash-free.  Awesome.

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