First Potatoes

We harvested a couple of our potato plants last Sunday and were rewarded with wonderful, creamy, fresh Yukon Gems for breakfast.  This is a new-to-us variety that is supposed to be an improvement over Yukon Golds.  We diced them and cooked them up with some other homegrown goodness including chard, onion, and herbs.  Making a meal out of 100% homegrown (minus oil and salt so I guess its more like 95%) makes me oh so happy.


  1. I got a bountiful basket the other day and one of the items was mustard greens. I have never had them but thought I would give them a whirl! I sauteed them in a little veggie oil with onions and garlic. They turned out pretty good. And I had a blast trying something new. Your post just reminded me of that as you talked about your yummy looking potatoes and the way you cooked them.

    1. That rocks, Andrea. That was one of the best things about Bountiful Baskets in my opinion. It forced me out of my food-rut/comfort zone.


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