Making Invitations

We made wedding invitations last weekend--Matt, my mom, his mom, and myself.
They look great.  They're simple, natural, and, well, look like us.  Sharon was the mastermind behind the design, but Matt and I helped.
With the four of us--and help from some pretty remarkable crafting gadgets--we managed to make them up pretty quickly.
And it was a really fun family activity.  My sister and niece also helped a bit in the way of offering fingers to hold down ribbons while we tied small knots while my mom took a break for lunch.
I am enjoying the sort of homespun feeling I've got about our wedding plans.  I'm wearing my mother's wedding dress.  We're making our own cake--and likely most of the food.  The DJ is a friend of the family.  The wedding party is our brothers and sisters.  The center pieces are handmade.  We're getting married outside under the (hopefully) blue Montana sky.  Its good.  I like it.
And now we are one more step closer to the big day.


  1. Wait.. I'm confused. I thought you and Matt were already married?! Maybe that's just based on assumptions that you "feel" like a married couple through the blogworld :) Nonetheless, I'd love to hear more about it!!

  2. No, not yet. Matt and I have just been cohabiting for almost a decade. We're getting married in June. But, we are, by pretty much every measure, married already. So I can see why you've been under that impression.

  3. I, personally, do not believe that being legally married has anything to do with the government. In other words, the government has no business in my bedroom. Therefore; I would say you and Matt are already married! Just go for the tax break now.

    Congratulations! I love simple outdoor ceremonies.

  4. Homespun ... totally love it! We too are in wedding prep mode our youngest oldest daughter (!) is getting married in September. We have five kids, twin girls nearly 28, our daughter 24, a boy nearly 11 and a not any more baby at 5! The guest list is no more than 50 and they are planning a church wedding followed by a typically British afternoon tea.

    San x

  5. So great!! It's going to be a beautiful wedding, filled with love. xo

  6. Ahhh, that makes sense :) I can't wait to see photos!! Are you hiring a professional or having a friend/family member take them? Taking a "honeymoon", even though you already seem to travel a lot lol? How many guests? Sorry for all the Qs.. I *love* details ha!

  7. Hey - Congratulations you guys! Sounds lovely.


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