Friday, March 7, 2014

Two Years At Home

Yesterday marked our second anniversary of home ownership.  Boy, does the time fly.  We're so happy to have a little place of our own.  A place where we can rip up the grass and plant fruit and veg.  A place where I can ban wallpaper entirely.  A place where we can have patio parties.  A place where we can swing in our dual hammocks under the pine trees.  A place where Matt has a tie-dye workshop and room for beer brewing.  A place where I can have my sewing machine set up and ready to go at all times.  A place of quiet, simple refuge for us in this bustling high-tech world.  And so much more.
This is a terrible, blurry photo, but I don't care.  We look happy and its the only one I snapped.
We celebrated with a bottle sparkling tangerine juice from the discount grocer and an apple pie pocket that Matt whipped up off the top of his head.
Here is to many, many more happy years here together.

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  1. Happy 2 Years! Seems like only yesterday I was reading about it on your blog. I've been following longer than I suspected lol.


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