Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love Light - Inspiration Thursday

"Keep your love light shining all night.
Keep it shining bright.
Keep your love light shining all night.
No bother fuss nor fight.
Keep your love light shining all night,
And everything will be all right."
-Clinton Fearon

I first encountered the term "love light" through the my experiences in the Grateful Dead culture.  I immediately found it to be a tremendously apt expression.  Love light.  Turn on your love light.  Let it shine.

Seeing the sheer joyfulness and open generosity of the Grateful Dead family--tents, foods, rides, money, art--really helped the idea resonate within me.  I'd never before met such a beautiful, generous community of strangers--strangers no more.

It seems to me that when people are filled with love--and I do not mean just romantic love--they really do shine with it.  Not only that, but they really do make the world around them a brighter place.  They are almost a beacon of hope in a world seemingly going mad. I've been blessed to know many free-spirited, generous creatures of love.  People who love beauty just for beauty's sake.  People who are kind to strangers.  Who cherish the small, sacred wonders of this planet we share.  Who look at you with eyes glowing with tender warmth.  Who share with you--ideas, food, clothes, homes--with their whole self.  Who live life with almost infectious happiness and pleasure.  They inspire me to be better.  To give me.  To show more kindness.  To be more playful.  To love more.  I like to imagine a whole world of people like that--where everyone is shining brightly with love on all that which is around them.  I don't know if I'll live to see it or anything, but I do like to believe that it is possible.

Perhaps too many of us are just in the dark without knowing we have this light within us.

I've since found this phrase--love light--in numerous great songs from a diverse range of artists including folk singer Kate Wolf, R & B artist Bobby Bland, and reggae star Clinton Fearon.

(The video is 17 minutes long because Clinton introduces the band near the end of the song and they each do a little solo.  But, the first part is the critical bit as far as this post goes.  There are many other versions of this song out there on the web--if you'd like something shorter--, but I thought this was the best sound quality with the full band.)

As I've mentioned before my brother-in-law Alex plays bass for the Boogie Brown Band which backs Clinton Fearon.  I adore this band.  Clinton writes such up-ful, positive words which are matched with a delightful, bouncy instrumentation that just makes me want to dance in my joy at hearing it, feeling it.

Love shines out of our deeds, our words, our very lives.  May our love lights shine brightness into every corner of the world and every corner of our hearts--until we're all together, surrounded in the light.

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  1. Yours Shines particularly brightly which is why you are such an amazing person to be around. Thanks for these words. I'll show it to Clinton and he will love it! Keep shining!


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