Saturday, March 1, 2014

Resolution of the Month: Brushin' and Flossin'

 I've always been under the impression that I have "bad" teeth.  I have had more fillings than I could count in both my baby and adult sets of teeth.  I once had ten fillings put in at the same time!  Its terrible.  I always dread going to the dentist.  My mom has always said that I have my dad's teeth.  I don't know how much truth there is to the direct correlation of genetics, but as far as I know  both of my sisters have nice, healthy teeth--with hardly a filling to be seen--like my mother.   So, maybe there is something to it.
Even as an adult I dread visits to the dentist--even for regular cleanings.  
But, maybe that is because I am not exactly getting an A+ from my dentist about my oral hygiene.  I brush my teeth once a day...and floss the week before my dental appointments when I realize that despite my noble intentions after the last appointment I still have not developed any sort of flossing routine.
Matt's brother Adam seemingly always brushes his teeth before bed--even when camping out in the woods or after a long night out!  I've always admired that.  I'd like to be more like that.
So, that is the March installment of the Resolution of the Month Club.  I will brush my teeth in the morning and before bed each day.  I will also floss at least once a week, on Sundays. 
I really believe that a warm smile is one of the most attractive things about a person.  Its better than make-up.  Its better than jewelry.  A smile lights up your face.  It makes you approachable and friendly-looking.  It radiates the joy inside that you share with the world.   I want to keep my smile like it is.
So, maybe this resolution will make going to the dentist less painful and lead to fewer cavities in the future.  Maybe it can kick-start me into taking better care of my teeth--my smile.  I am sure it can't hurt.


  1. Good resolution. I keep my floss on my bedside table, so most nights when I go to bed I simply sit comfortably in bed with a book or kindle propped on my knees and read and floss!
    I also carry a little bag of floss sticks in my purse, they have bags of them at many checkouts, they are useful and when I am at work I feel that I can discreetly clean my teeth after eating lunch. They are also very convenient if you have something stuck between your teeth.


    1. Thanks, Bean. Its a simple thing, but I think a good one to adopt. So far, so good on flossing, but I have forgotten my nightly brushing three times! These 30 day resolutions are making it clear to me why it is so hard to start new lifestyle changes! Its hard to make new habits and lose old ones! But, I will persevere. Flossing while reading sounds good...perhaps I shall try that.


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