Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Equinox Party

Matt and I like to make merry. We take any opportunity we can, pretty much. The standard seasons of festiveness such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and News Years Eve. But there are also music festivals, birthdays, solstices, harvest festivals, and most recently, the spring equinox. The changing of the seasons is certainly cause for rejoicing! We celebrated with friends, games, homebrews, and laughing until I nearly cried.  I am so blessed with friends, family, and life, in general.  I am also very ready for spring--bicycle rides, bare feet, flowers, fresh spinach, birding, flying kites, camping....oh the joys--the special joys--of each season.


  1. Whatever the reason, a celebration is a wonderful thing. A time to laugh, to share and to giggle over the silly things we do. This weekend is Mothering Sunday and we are having a huge share supper with another family. I am so looking forward to it

  2. I'm very blessed in my life as well; however, I do envy your connectedness to such a great group of friends and family. My closest friends and family are scattered over several cities and states. And although I have a few close friends & a great BF here, it seems as if everyone is too busy to spend time with anyone except their significant and children. Too busy working, running errands, etc. I long for the day (I hope) that I have a small close-knit group of friends I can count on and make regular plans with.


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