65 to Snow

Yesterday was unseasonably glorious.  The sun was shining and it got up to 65 degrees F.  I went for a nice walk on my lunch break because it was just too lovely to resist.  I didn't even need a coat-- just my long-sleeved shirt and I was perfectly comfortable.  There was talk that it would snow--up to three inches--overnight.  Matt and I made a friendly bet on it.  I won when we awoke this morning to bare ground and no snow.  But, it did start snowing mid-morning.  It didn't stop until well after mid-afternoon.  Light, fluffy flakes that whirl on their way down and completely obscure the prominent landmark of rimrocks just under a half mile north of us.  It is a very white world out there at the moment.  I find the contrast between the two days rather amazing.  Most of the students in the library would seemingly choose a less favorable word than "amazing."  Oh, have they been grumbling all day.  I keep reminding them that it is November 20th, after all.  I'm not so concerned myself.  I grew up in eastern Montana where winter literally can last for six months.  Snow almost never lasts long in Billings.  It will be clear again in a matter of days I am sure.  I don't love the cold, but I do love the change of seasons.  Its always seems so miraculous and magical.


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