Laura, Mattimus, Walter, and The Dude

I already posted about my Halloween costume, but here is a little bit more of our Halloweeny fun.
I wish I could remember what we needed to look up.  Matt joked that my big ol' dictionary is my "Google" since we don't have the internet at home.  Casey thought it suited my costume to be reading from such a large book.  UPDATE:  Kelly reminded me what we were looking up.  It was the difference between wizard and warlock.
We rendezvoused at our place with our duo of sister friends Casey and Kelly before heading down to bogey to a couple of bluegrass bands--The Lil' Smokies and Whitewater Ramble.  It was our last chance to dance at Bones Brewing Pub before they closed for good.  We're bummed to lose the venue.  The sound was always pretty great and they had a really nice dance floor.  Oh well, nothing lasts forever.  It was a super great final hurrah.  I gotta say that I really enjoy so many people dressed up--except maybe that freaky double clown....she was scary.  Like, really scary.  Like, came and, grinning manically, stood beside me while I danced making me want to leave the dance floor level of scary.
Walter and The Dude from The Big Lebowski, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Great Wizard Mattimus.
Matt's wizard cloak is my dancing cloak I made a couple years back.  I even still had a little bit of the green fabric in my stash so I was able to make a matching band for his pointy hat!
The Dude and Walter were carrying around the ashes of their dearly departed friend Donnie in a Folgers coffee can.  It was a pretty clever accessory for their costume theme.  The ashes came from our woodstove though and there were still a few small pieces of unburned wood.  So, it was a rather chunky Donnie.  
Whitewater Ramble on stage in costume.  
It was a pretty super Halloween, all around.


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