The Peppers

Carman, baby bell, and nardello peppers.
All the fresh peppers are eaten, but I am pretty darn thrilled about the 15+ pounds of various sweet peppers that made it into the freezer.  Especially considering we had a pretty tough year for peppers.  Our seedlings that Matt started didn't really take off vigorously and we optimistically waited so long hoping they would catch up that the selection at the nursery was limited by the time we went.  Still.  I will take it.
Cherry Peppers, unripe, but adorable.
I wish I had more spicy peppers strung up drying for hot sauce.  I've only got one string and my hot sauce bottle is almost empty.  We had a couple other strands from some store-bought peppers from the discount grocery, but they got moldy before they dried.  So much for supplementing our homegrown supply!  But, it is what it is.  There is always next year!
The one ripe habanero in the pile of mostly green cayenne peppers.


  1. So pretty. I'm experimenting with fermenting hot peppers and pureeing them to make hot sauce. We'll see!

    1. Fermented peppers, huh? Well, THAT sounds quite intriguing! I'll be curious to hear how it goes for you and I might have to read up a little myself!

  2. Very pretty harvest, looks like a good amount too! Enjoy


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