A Marmot Latrine

There are a gazillion things I don't know.  I know that.  I also love learning new things.  I've already raved about the importance of life-long learning.

So, one thing I learned in this past month is that marmots are no slouch about bathroom hygiene.  They go in one tidy, contained place.  Its called, aptly enough, a latrine.  A marmot latrine.  We found one at the top of Storm Point on Lake Yellowstone.  
I have to hand it to Matt.  He nailed it for what it was purely using context, knowledge of local wildlife, and deductive reasoning.  He estimated from the size of the droppings and the exposed rocky terrain that it might be a marmot.
Later on during the hike we actually saw a yellow-bellied marmot which added weight to Matt's theory.  We looked it up in a scat guidebook (in the park book store) and sure enough--marmot latrine.  We had name for it.  
I know its just poop, but I thought it was pretty darn interesting.


  1. That really IS interesting. Nature is wonderful, complex, and there is so much more to it than we know.

    1. SO much more than we know! Even when we're learning every day! And I am pleased you found it interesting, too!

  2. I had never even heard of a marmot, (I don't think we have any in these parts) I had to look it up, so that was a double wow for me. Great post!

    1. I just looked it up myself as I guess I'd never considered its region. Yes, its a western critter not found in your neck of the woods, so to speak. And now I learned another new thing about marmots!


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