Ginger Knows

When Matt and I make a big pile of stuff (sleeping bag, clothes bag, tent, guitar, cooler, etc) in the middle of the living room...
...Ginger knows that we're about to leave her alone again.  And she doesn't like it.  She gets needy and meows more than usual.  She even crawled inside our backpack once as if perhaps she could stow away and come with us.
She is always so happy when we come back.  Its nice to be so clearly missed.  She doesn't let us out of her sight and rubs against me constantly for that first whole day back home again.
But, she's on to us.  She can tell when we're about to (temporarily) ditch her.  Her little face at the window as we leave makes me a bit sad, I must say.  She'll be glad with camping/tie-dye vending season is over, I bet, even if I do spoil her with catnip, treats, and extra playtime as soon as I get back home.
Frankly, I will be glad when the busy season is over, too.  I have ever so much fun with my summer, but that much fun sure wears me out by the end of it.  That said, I am glad we've still got a few exciting trips lined up yet.  Winter will be here before we know it and we'll stay home with Ginger every weekend soon enough.


  1. Aw, I love her! We almost adopted a little black kitten because my little girl had been kind of asking for one - but it was just a week before the baby was due, so we held off for now...someday though!

    1. I was sure when we bought our house I would get a kitty. I've almost always had one (or more) my whole life. But, we held off for two years! Its a commitment, for sure, and you've got your hands plenty full I have no doubt. All in due time. Ginger is Matt's first cat ever. He never had one as a boy, but sure enjoys it in his adulthood.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, we most certainly agree with you! She just moved in with us in March and already I cannot imagine life without her. Funny that.

    2. Cats are so amusing and many are affectionate - they take us away from ourselves, I think. That's a good thing. :)


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