An Itty-Bitty, Baby Squirell

We always get a few batches of baby bunnies near the library entrance each year.  A new litter began showing their tiny, adorable, fluffy selves a couple weeks ago, much to everyone's delight (my office is near the front so I hear lots of people talking about the bunnies).  Every day as I come and go from the library I watch them for a little bit.  It does my heart good to see their sweet, soft, little faces.  Its so interesting to watch them grow in size and bravery.
It was hard to imagine there could be a more adorable critter to delight and warm my heart.  But, apparently, I was wrong.  Imagine my surprise when, as I was watching the bunnies nibble the grass I noticed another small movement in the grass.  Lo and behold it was an itty-bitty baby squirrel.  A baby squirrel!
Oh.  My.  Heavens.  What a precious, helpless-looking baby!  It was all legs and very wobbly on them--it reminded me of new calves or baby deer taking their first steps on those long, lanky legs.   I bet the whole thing from head to tail was six, or maybe eight, inches long.  It was SO tiny.  I perhaps would have missed it, but the orange tail caught my attention.  The rest of the little thing was hardly visible over the grass--and its not like we keep the grass long on campus!
It made my day.  I ran back inside the library and snagged one of my favorite student workers to share the sight with.  Neither of us had ever seen a baby squirrel in person before.  I left the library on time, but was very late getting home from work.  The wonders of the world are such a blessed distraction to me.
Huzzah for sweet babies of every shape and size.


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