Monday, September 8, 2014

Over The Pass in a (September) Snowstorm

We went to Yellowstone National Park for the Labor Day weekend.  We sell tie-dye in Red Lodge every year on the actual Monday of Labor Day.  We camped in the park and then took the national scenic highway route over the Beartooth Pass over the mountains to Red Lodge.  I adore the pass and always take any opportunity to travel over it.  So, I guess I should have seen it coming, but I didn't expect to make the drive in a snow storm on September 1st.  Those wacky mountains!  They make their own weather.

It was raining in the park when we left and grew steadily colder as we drove up and over the pass.  It was 25 degrees F at the top and very foggy, snowy, and slick.  At points the only thing we could see was the road--thank heavens it was just a couple inches of snow or I fear the lane markings might have been lost to us as well as the panorama of mountains all around us.  It is not nearly so scenic a highway in such fog.  It was all white all around.

I must confess I got nervous.  I don't care for driving in the snow and ice, especially on such a windy road with sheer drops.  But, Matt is a calm and collected driver and we made our way without incident back down the mountains to Red Lodge for the show. It was really something though.  It was like driving through a unearthly, surreal landscape of clouds.

Later that day (and at the lower elevation in the city of Red Lodge) it was so sunny and warm that I had to get out my sunhat and ditch the long-underwear while Matt had to switch to shorts.  Ah, Montana.  Land of extremes.  Land that I love.


  1. Snow in September, ugh! :( I'm ready to enjoy Fall first!

    1. This is when I am thankful I live near enough to see the mountain on the horizon, but not close enough to have their weather every day. Autumn is my favorite season and I am looking forward to it!


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