Friday, April 29, 2011

Chickadee-dee-dee at the Lib-rare-eee-eee-eee

I noticed two chickadees systematically investigating all the new buds on a tree in front of the library.  It was very, very systematic.  There is no other way to describe it.  They started at the trunk and moved out to the tips of the branches, stopping at each new budding green along the way.  I don't know what they were up to exactly, but it caught my attention.  I stood and watched for a while and they didn't seem to give me any notice. 

Then I thought, Aha!  this is the time to get a decent chickadee photo.  Chickadees are one of my all time favorites but are harder than heck to photography because they are small and always on the go.  These two were more of less staying put, or at least following a pattern in their movements.  However, by the time I went back in and then out again with my camera they were gone.  Drats!  Oh well!

Then I noticed one fly above the library's front doors and lo and behold...they are making a hole there!

These are not the first birds to try nesting in our, apparently, soft walls.  We've have flickers and nuthatches attempt it before.  The nuthatches were probably the most exciting.  The flicker was the loudest.  In any case, these aren't the first and I doubt they'll be the last.

I am sure the building maintenance people would disapprove, but I thought it was neat.  I hope they stay (I mean they already MADE the hole!) and then I can enjoy have a nesting cavity nearby to observe over the coming seasons.  Even if they do go, it was still neat to watch them hollow out the space on a sunny day.  Mouthful by mouthful.  It is impressive.

Chickadees are my grandmother's favorite bird too.  I am glad we share that connection.  They are so cheerful and lively. 

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