Slow-Motion and Appreciation

So I've been having a little more stress in my life than usual for reasons I don't need to detail here and that will be over soon I hope.  Matt and I were discussing the source of said stress and soon enough I was slightly shaking from my agitated nerves.  (My body is very dramatic in its emotive responses which can result in me shaking or bursting into tears with excitement/anger/stress/nervousness/extreme joy.)    "Let's stop talking about this," Matt said and he pulled out the laptop and started a youtube search of slow-motion rabbit videos.  "What are you doing?" I asked, intrigued by his unlikely search terms.  He smiled and replied "Well, I know you like slow motion videos and I know you like rabbits so I thought maybe a slow-motion rabbit would cheer you up."  I nearly cried with love and appreciation for him (I'm surprised I DIDN'T cry really!).  Matt is so kind and he knows me so well.  I am so very blessed to have him in my life.  (and it did cheer me up.)

Last night when I got home from the library he was eager to show me these two videos he found showing slow-motion hummingbirds.  Though the tiny bunnies won for cuteness these little birds blew the bunny videos out of the water as far as awesomeness.  But, I have a strong bias for birds.


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