Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Riddance Qwest Mailings

Inspired by recent discovery and reading of the book No Impact Man and the blog Zero Waste Home, I took action when I came home and discovered yet ANOTHER advertisement mailing from Qwest, my phone provider.  Since we dropped the cellphones and went to just a landline toward the end of 2010 Qwest has been hounding us to increase our, admittedly, very basic services.  Add home internet!  Add caller ID!  Add voicemail!  Add....add...add.  That is pretty much the opposite of the direction we are trying to head. 

This mailer yesterday was the last straw.

These mailers amuse me in that they are trying to get me to save money by signing up for services I don't have which would actually mean I am NOT saving money, but spending more of it.
So I called Qwest today and asked the customer service representative, Bill, if there was a way to get myself removed from their mailing list.  I told him I wasn't interested in adding new services and that I was happy with my Qwest services except for the fact I kept getting mailers from them.  I told him I was getting the promotions in my email as well so that was probably more than sufficient.  I told him that I was trying to reduce my waste.  "Is that option even possible?" I asked.

"I don't know.  No one has ever asked me that before." He replied.  "Can I put you on hold for a minute?"

So, I wait for a few moments listening to the recorded version of the mailers I was calling about....promotions about bundling and adding wireless and 10 extra calling features and so on.
Bill comes back on the line.  "Okay, so I've got you removed from all promotional mailings."
"Oh, really?  Cool so it IS possible!"
"Yup, it is all taken care of and goes into effect today."

It was as easy as that.  Why didn't I think to do right away when they started landing in the mailbox?!  I removed myself from catalog lists and generic junkmail.  Why did I put up with this one?  I guess because it seemed so small.  But, these things small all add up.

I am so pleased it was that simple.  Bye-bye Qwest mailings!  Good riddance.


  1. Good idea. I hate unnecessary junk mail. Ours is more in the form of unaddressed junk mail..might have to put that "no junk mail" sticker on he box afterall.

  2. The most insidious of all mailings are those with no address that are just put in each mailbox. Now, if I could just get rid of those....what a nice fantasy.

  3. Yes I do get some of those generically addressed 'Our Friends at..." advertisements from time to time. I haven't been able to remove myself from those lists (at least not yet!). Its a bummer. I don't eat at Pizza Hut. I really wish they''d stop sending me coupons! : )

    Oh well, I will relish the small victories when I can.

  4. ooh, great post! I definitely need to give my Internet provider a many mailings. Also a big fan of No Impact and Zero Waste. Glad you're spreading the word, you fearless sewer, you! :)

  5. Thanks, Dmarie! Good luck with your own service provider!


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