That Sneaky Spring...

It seems like spring is a sneaky character.  We've been bursting with excitement over the fading long winter and spring was being a classic tease.  Everyone I know claims to have spring fever worse than ever before.  I suppose that is a testament to the winter that was longer and snowier that usual.

Then, as if overnight, spring is here at last.  Suddenly there is green popping up everywhere.  The grass is green. 

The tulips are pushing up.  Peas and leafy greens are sprouting in the garden (just as Matt was growing discouraged that he had planted too early). 

The lilac bush out the kitchen window is budding.    The male house finches are a stunning scarlet with their new feathers. 

The sky is so blue and warm looking, no more of the steel winter skies.

Hooray for Spring!  For sunshine and the barefeet!  I am so glad you are here.


  1. Spring is still being a stinker here. We had 3 beautiful days and now it's snowing. :(


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