Sewing Weekend Photos

The drive included some majestic scenery.

I spent last weekend sewing with my mother and her friends. 

I probably sewed more in that one weekend than I have in my entire life.  It was serious madness.  Sewing commenced as soon as you woke and ate breakfast and didn't stop until it was well past dark and you were ready to tumble into bed. 

I learned a whole lot and gained a lot more confidence in my sewing ability.

It still needs hemmed up on the bottom so it isn't so long, but I ran out of time despite the epic amount of sewing.  I took a break the last day to visit my brother-in-law and thus didn't quite finish.
The sleeves are really something.
After tackling this gigantic cloak I sort of feel up for almost anything.  


  1. I love the cloak. For what event will you wear it? I love to sew.

  2. I was half afraid someone would ask and I would be forced to confess that I really didn't have a "reason" for making it and just want to wear it for fun! (I am a giant child trapped in an adult body....I want to play dress up!) My mother's friends were quite curious as to why on earth I was undertaking such a project as well.

    It came about because I made nine capes several years ago for my friends and I to wear at summer music-art festivals that we go to. (we love to dance and camp and play in the woods!!) I told my mother I wanted to try again now that I was a better seamstress and because the capes weren't quite as big and flowing and awesome as I had wished. She says, I have a bunch of old fabric you can use AND a Halloween costume for a cloak and if I came up for the sewing weekend we could get one made for me. So, I did.

    I am going to wear it every occasion that I won't feel like a complete fool for doing so. Music festivals and Halloween are definite, but I am hopeful for many other occasions!

  3. Making a cape or anything because you like it and like wearing it is good enough reason for me. If I saw you in the grocery store with it on, I might ask you what was the occassion. Really, I would be wondering what was happening in town or out. I would just admire the cape and not think you a fool for wearing. It would make me happy that you found joy in wearing it. Okay? Take joy in life!

  4. : )

    When it gets all hemmed up I am totally taking it on some adventures. I'll be sure to post a few photos of where I end up with it....especially if I end up wearing it at the grocery store! ;)


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