Didgeridoo Meditation

Wednesday afternoon sky playing with clouds and sunshine.
I went to a free meditation session last night with a didgeridoo player held at a independent bookshop not to far from my house.  Matt had the opportunity for didg meditation at one of our tie-dye vending gigs last year and was thoroughly impressed by the experience so when I saw it mentioned in the Barjon's newsletter I was pretty stoked.  I too was pretty blown away by the depth of the meditation I was able to achieve with the strange, droning vibrations of this instrument. 

Marc and his Didgeridoo (on a Clifford the Big Red Dog pillow, which made me chuckle.
There were only six or seven of us so it was a small and intimate setting.  Laying on the floor I soon felt my arms and legs go slack and heavy as the vibrations washed over me (my head was only about a foot from the end of the didg).  It was over before I knew it.  It seemed like not long at all, but my watch said otherwise.  It was all nearly indescribable so I'll just leave it at that.  If you are the meditation type, or maybe even if you aren't because I do not regularly meditate myself, if you ever have the chance to try mediation with the didgeridoo I would highly recommend it. 

Meditation aside, I find the instrument amazing because of the way the player breathes in order to produce sounds: circular breathing.  I can't really wrap my mind around it.  It seems like breathing in and out at the same time...which seems impossible to me.  I know it IS possible, obviously, but it seems so unlikely.

I left feeling delightfully warm, loose, and utterly relaxed.  I stopped by the public library on the way home so I could finally got a library card for that library, too.  They have a lot more of the knitting, cooking, gardening type books I'd like to read whereas Rocky has more of the nature, history, culture type books I read.  Now I can access both without having to use interlibrary loan.  I've been meaning to do it for so long, but...its not exactly as if I've had a shortage of great reads so it wasn't too pressing.

Matt had dinner ready when I arrived.
Kale-Potato Soup with cannellini beans and chunk of homemade bread.
It was a good Wednesday.


  1. Are you familiar with throat singing? It has a similar quality to didgeridoo sounds, and is similarly mind boggling. To me didgeridoo & throat singing are both awesome in the intended sense of the word. :)

  2. I filmed didgeridoo playing at my DD's Uni Grad but I can't post it on my blog as I didn't think to ask permission at the time. I agree that it would be good meditation music due to the tones and timbre of the sounds that can be produced with it.

  3. No, I've never heard throat singing. I just youtubed (is that a verb?) it though and whoa!! I am going to have to learn more about this.... Have you ever heard it in real life, Darci?

    We spoke at length to a didgeridoo player at a healing/creative arts fair last year. He showed us his array of didgeridoos and it was amazing how they each had a different tonal quality and could make different sounds and vibrations. He had some naturally hollow ones, some wood-but-man-carved ones, some metal ones, etc. It was amazing the differences.


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